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in die entgegengesetzte Richtung Video Installation, Ruth Kemna


by Ruth Kemna


"In the opposite direction" (in die entgegengesetzte Richtung) - after a quotation from Thomas Bernhard, is a video installation that tells of chance, planned, staged and absurd encounters in Salzburg. One follows the camera "in the opposite direction", past the university, past the old town, into small supermarkets, shops, kebab stands, on building sites and to beer benches on the edge of the postcard idyll that otherwise characterises the image of Salzburg. Conversations with residents: inside the city, perforated scenes are mixed with paths, speeds and guidelines within which we move through and in Salzburg. 

How are we connected with each other? Who do we meet? What drives us?

Two different videos have been produced: 

one shows the stories, interviews and conversations with different people in the city. 

The other shows a couple dressed in baroque costumes in dance scenes and at unusual, superficially inappropriate places in the city, which are always in relation to the stories described in the other video. 

The videos are projected on opposite walls, so that the audience has to turn around again and again to bring both videos into harmony. The result is that the viewers look back and forth, questioning the living and working conditions in this often so picturesque urban space in Salzburg. 

A video installation by Ruth Kemna

With: Mehmet Ince, Mustafa Durgut, Florian S., Marko, K. Mercy Oyerogba, Gabriela Paganal, Ruth Kemna, Rodolfo Piazza-Pfitscher da Silva


dramaturgie: Rodolfo Piazza-Pfitscher da Silva
camera: Ruth Kemna

editing: Agnes Luck Galpin Ruth Kemna 

technique: Michael Hofer Lenz

Showed: 18.-25. July 2021, Big Studio, Universität Mozarteum Franz Josef Straße 2, Salzburg, Austria

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